PLEASE HANDLE WITH CARE: This is an expensive electronic device used for advanced diagnosis of heart rhythm problems.
Q: Do I have to sleep with this monitor?
A: Yes this monitor is recording for full 24 hours it must be worn while you sleep so if any symptoms were to happen while sleeping it will be recorded for the doctor to view.
Q: Can I shower with my monitor?
A: No you will have to wait until after you remove monitor to shower.
Q: What do I do if the leads fall off?
A: We will send home extra electrodes with a diagram of how they should be placed so if they fall off then you can replace them.
Q: Do I have to avoid my normal activity while I have this monitor on?
A: No we would like to you to do all of the normal activities you would do as if you were not wearing the monitor.
Q: Do I have to wear it for the full 24 hours or can I take it off early?
A: It is important that you wear the monitor for the full 24 hours, but if you must take it off it can be removed only two hours early.
Q: Can I bring the monitor back at my next appointment?
A: No, the monitors are used on a daily basis and they must be returned the next day, around the same time it was placed.
Q: What is the purpose of the 24 holter monitor if I just did an EKG?
A: The holter monitors is meant to record your heart over a 24 hour period in order to record any changes in your heart rhythm?
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